When Kenny told me that Sir Michael Rocks’ publicist reached out and asked if we wanted to do an interview with him I was ecstatic because he’s one of my favorite artists. When he asked me if I wanted to be the one to conduct the interview I nearly fell out of my chair. Of course I took him up on his offer, and got to working on what I would ask. I received his answers last night, so hit the jump to see our conversation.

Hello Sir Michael Rocks. For those who don’t know, you released a mixtape called Premier Politics about a month ago. How would you describe your sound and what makes your raps unique?

I can’t really describe my sound on my own. I feel like the listeners would do a better job of that than I can haha. It’s just that cool sh*t ya know? What makes my raps unique is my perspective on the world and my voice is pretty unique too. I’m on my way to perfecting my own style of rhyming and mastering my voice. I always want to put 100% me into my raps and steer clear of the cliche stuff. I might talk about money, clothes, girls, relationships, our society, my views on life and then some other crazy sh*t but I feel like I always describe those things in my own way so its not the same cliche sh*t.

If you had to choose one song from Premier Politics to play for somebody to convince them to listen to the rest of the tape, which one would you go with?

I would have them listen to “Wassup” or “Merry Go Round”.

One of the standout tracks from the tape in my eyes is “I’m Doggin'”, and a couple days after the release of the mixtape, illRoots premiered the music video for the song. How did your relationship with Mike Waxx and Mike Carson of illRoots develop?

I’ve known both of them for a few years now with all of us being from Chicago. They were fans of my music and I was a fan of their work and savvy as well. We eventually linked up and the rest is history.

You also released When Fish Ride Bicycles, the second Cool Kids album with Chuck Inglish this Summer. There were a lot of big name features on it including a couple of legends in Ghostface Killah and Bun B. How was the recording process for the album? Did you spend a lot of time in the studio with the featured artists or did you construct it more through email? If they were in the studio with you, did their presence make you push yourself to prove to everyone that you could go bar for bar with them?

The album was recorded over the span of like two years because we had the record done but couldn’t put it put because we were in a legal situation with our old label. Some of the features were done in person and some were through email. Of course being on the same song as great names like Ghostface, and Bun B pushes you to want to shine on the song too, so I definitely paid extra attention to the verses.

Have you and Chuck started working on the next Cool Kids release yet?

Yes we have.

Curren$y recently announced that you were the newest signee to Jet Life Recordings. How did the deal come to be, and was the Jet Life Order project created as a result of you and Smoke DZA signing with him, or was it already in the works when you signed? Aside from that when can we expect to hear your first project on the label?

The deal came to fruition after Curren$y saw the moves I was making on the solo side and he offered his help to take it to the next level. Jet life order was already in the works before I signed though.

Are there any last words you want to say to your fans or potential fans? How can they contact you and where can they get your music?

Go download The Rocks Report and Premier Politics and enjoy. Hit me on twitter @SirMichaelRocks.