Earlier this year we reported that Chief Keef was ordered to pay $2,600 per month in child support (plus $500 for daycare) as the result of a court hearing that revealed he earns $13,000 per month. Now it’s being reported that the 17 year old Chicago rapper has fallen behind on payments, according to the mother of the child. Keef was only 15 when the kid was born, and the mother (who was still in middle school at the time) claims that the star has not been meeting his child support obligations and that she can’t get by without them. The mother in question claims she only received $1900 in payment and has since filed legal documentation. Keef is ordered to appear in court this September to explain why he hasn’t paid.

Time to get it together Mr. Cozart, Interscope still expects you to sell a few more CDs to meet your contractual obligations while you figure out this stuff in court.

Source : TMZ