Over the weekend audio surfaced of L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his ex-girlfriend he don’t want her bringing black people to his games. The racial remarks went viral quick, and just about everyone is voicing their opinions on Starling‘s racist audio tape, including rappers. Snoop Dogg let his voice be heard yesterday, and today Weezy felt the need to weigh in. But they’re not the only ones. The Game, Meek Mill, and others also spoke their minds.

How hasn’t Donald Sterling been fired yet? The NBA needs to investigate the audio first and make sure it’s him? That’s some BS! It’s clear as day that it’s him on that tape.

Anyway…watch Lil Wayne and Snoop‘s response videos to Donald Sterling‘s extremely racist and offensive ramblings below.

Lil Wayne Addresses Donald Sterling

Snoop Dogg Goes In On Donald Sterling

The Game responded to this Donald Sterling mess with the image and message below.

boycott clippers

I have to say that after listening to the full audio clip of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racists comments towards (minorities) specifically African Americans & Hispanics, I am totally outraged & very upset !!! He also went on to say that because Magic Johnson was black he did not want Magic to attend any of the Los Angeles Clippers games. Myself being African American & having a huge Hispanic following… I find myself in a position to defend both my heritage & that of all of the Hispanic community, not only here but around the world…. Whom, both are very supportive of not only the Los Angeles Clippers, but every professional sports franchise in Los Angeles & elsewhere specifically the Los Angeles Dodgers… Whose owner & opposing Los Angeles Lakers great “Earvin Magic Johnson” was both disrespected & racially profiled by the Clippers owner. Not sure on exact numbers but I’m pretty sure Hispanics alone make up at least 65% of ticket buyers for Los Angeles Clippers games as well as merchandising. With that said, it was not only ignorant & racist but a non-calculated & disgusting business move on Donald Sterlings part. In the support of my own race, Hispanics & every other race whose been fighting current & past racism I have now started the #ESC which is short for #EMPTYSEATCAMPAIN asking ALL Los Angeles residents to boycott the next Clippers game by not attending which will prove that we are more of a MAJORITY than the previously stated “minority” label given to us by Mr. Sterling. Although I feel for friends of mine that play for the Clippers franchise such as @CP3 whose own team owner considers a minority…… I now, along with good friend & designer @ceoselfmade ask everyone who reads this WORLDWIDE to RE-POST this picture & hashtag: #BoycottClippers #ESC #EmptySeatCampaign #Support #OGMagicJohnson #StopRacism #OneWorld #WeAreAMajority

Meek Mill had this to say about Donald Sterling: