Issues resolved?

Nas and Cam’Ron posed for an Instagram photo together. We don’t know if the two had a brief run-in and while they were at it resolved past issues, or if they got together to record some material (that would sure be nice).

Cam’Ron uploaded the photo to his Instagram account with the short and sweet hashtags: #QB #HARLEM #UwasntThere.

Let’s hope something good comes of these two legends bumping heads.

UPDATE: Miss Info provides more details:

I had to find out more about this impromptu meeting of two rap legends…so it turns out, Cam’ron and Nas just happened to be headed from Las Vegas to New York City on the same flight. And that’s all it took to thaw a decade old rivalry. Cam was out in Vegas to support Dame and Jim Jones for their Vamp Life and Million Dollar Racers clothing line at the Agenda Trade Show.

According to my source, Nas and Cam saw each other, got to talking without any awkwardness or old tension. The photo wasn’t forced. Respect all around. And the best part, there was even talk of future collaboration.
Maybe that was just polite lip service but maybe, if we’re lucky, there will be a Killa x Godson Dipset x Bravehearts song someday.