Rick Ross may have sent a shot toward 50 Cent on Twitter and just could be the newest member of Floyd Mayweather‘s Money Team.

In a Tweet that went unnoticed until now, Rick Ross stated that he’s the new “Money Team.” Yep, referring to that Money Team. The same moniker 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather referred to themselves as and launched a boxing promotion with until it fell through, Ricky Rozay is now referencing in Tweets.

If you haven’t heard, 50 Cent and former friend and business partner, Floyd Mayweather aren’t on good terms. In fact, 50 Cent is even doing business with Floyd‘s nemesis Manny Pacquiao and has been joking on Twitter about selling The Money Team related products such as snapbacks, jackets, sweatsuits and more for really low prices to get rid of dead stock because he’s now with his own boxing promotion–SMS Promotions. Floyd still owns The Money Team.

Could 50’s recent actions have led Floyd Mayweather into seeking revenge and doing business with 50 Cent‘s nemesis–Rick Ross? We may be reaching here, but it seems so…

Rick Ross tweeted referencing Money Team as seen above, shortly after 50 Cent sent out some Money Team related tweets of his own, saying he no longer has anything to do with The Money Team promotions, revealing he’s no longer with The Money Team because the other half on the deal didn’t put up their end of the money and promoting a Manny Pacquaio fight.

Is Rick Ross doing business with Floyd Mayweather? Could be. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. Otherwise, Rick Ross Money Team Twitter mention was still a diss toward 50 Cent. Let’s see how this plays out.