Amidst legal trouble, Rick Ross announces new album

After doing a short bit of time behind bars for assault and kidnapping, Rick Ross is a free man and already hard at work on his next album, Black Dollar. In a statement from Rick Ross‘ lawyer Adamma McKinnon given to The Daily Beast, McKinnon says Rick Ross wants the world to know his new album is “dropping soon.” He also wants the world to know he’s “being framed for being famous.”

Ross’s lawyer Adamma McKinnon told The Daily Beast her client isn’t fretting the charges, and informed local TV news that the rapper wants the world to know that his new album will be “dropping soon.” McKinnon also claimed that Ross is in high spirits, made sure to mention that his next album is tentatively titled Black Dollar, and said that he’s being framed for being famous. “He’s someone who has reached a certain plateau and there are people after celebrities like [Roberts] and looking for monetary gain,” she said.