Rick Ross is under fire today for lyrics on his verse featured on Rocko‘s new song that also features Future.

On Rocko‘s new single “You Don’t Even Know It“, Rick Ross raps about putting Molly (powder or crystal form of  MDMA) in a woman’s champagne without her knowing it and taking her home and enjoying her services…all without her knowing it.

“Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it,” Rick Ross raps in his controversial verse.

Many are speaking out about Rick Ross‘ lyrics in an attempt to make it known that rape isn’t cool as he makes it sound in his verse.

“If she didn’t know she didn’t give consent,” Jerry L. Barrow of The Urban Daily wrote about Ross’ rape lyrics. “If she didn’t give consent she was raped. You’re out here telling your fans that it’s cool to rape women and YOU don’t even know it.”

Clutch Mag also spoke on Ross‘ lyrics:

While many agreed that Ross’ lyrics were irresponsible at best, and downright heinous at worse, predictably someone tried to tell me to relax. Why? “It’s just music.” The “it’s just music” line has been trotted out for every depraved verse ever laid over a dope beat. And while I may have been able to separate the two when I was a teen, these days, I can’t pretend that music does not matter.

Rick Ross plans to soon release his new album Mastermind. I wonder if all this controversy is all part of his plan? Probably not.