Riff Raff went absolutely bonkers during a recent performance in Ohio when a can of beer struck him in the chest, challenging to the fan who tossed it fight him on stage.

Jody Highroller was performing during Halftime Fest at Ohio University in Athens, OH, when the can struck him. The situation is eerily familiar to the recent incident involving Azealia Banks in Australia. Riff Raff ordered the DJ to stop the track screaming “The most sucka ass motherf**ker throwing the can … I bet you won’t step on the stage … I will WHOOP your f**king ass.”

No one accepted Jody’s challenge so he promptly ended the show stating “F**king throw a can on me? For real … I’m done.”

Watch footage of the incident below. Riff Raff‘s new album Neon Icon is coming soon.

Source: TMZ