Preview “Work” By Rihanna & Drake

Over the weekend Rihanna and Drake shot a top secret music video for a new collaboration titled “Work“. The song is said to be from Rihanna‘s forthcoming album, Anti. Some believe it could even appear on Drake‘s Views From The 6. Whatever album it lands on doesn’t even matter, right now we’re just antsy to hear what the two past collaborators have coming. Until the full song releases, you can preview a snippet of the “Work” they shot a video for below. How did a snippet even leak? Well somebody near the location of the video set managed to capture a bit of the song on camera. In the footage you can make out Drake singing “you need to get done, done, done, done at work come over/we just need to slow the motion/don’t give it away to no one.”

Rihanna & Drake‘s “Work” video was shot at a mall in California and pics from the set appeared all over social media. Check out some pics from the set below which had to be crazy as Horses and cars covered in Louis Vuitton logos appeared to be present.