Watch “Work” By Rihanna Featuring Drake

Rihanna and Drake share an on screen romance and touch bodies in the official music video for “Work“. The video is inspired by Jamaican culture and reminds me of Sean Paul videos of the past including “Get Busy“. Some scenes were shot at The Real Jerk Restaurant in Drizzy‘s hometown of Toronto. Maybe Rihanna and Drake shared a meal or two there before. The chemistry looks real.

UPDATE: Surprise, Rihanna made the “Work” video two videos in one. The first is by Director X, the second is by Tim Erem.

drake rihanna the real jerk

Work” appears on Rihanna‘s new album ANTI which debuted exclusively on Jay-Z‘s Tidal music streaming service.

drake work

rihanna drake work video set

Rihanna x Drake “Work” Gifs

rihanna drake work

rihanna and drake work video gif

rihanna booty gif

rihanna drake gif