Drake lends a helping hand to Riz for his new track “Waiting Up”.  Well, that’s how it was meant to seem but according to Riz, he paid for Drake to feature on the 40 produced song but then after talking about the song in an interview posted to Youtube, it was removed by Drake and his legal team.  Odd.  Anyway, today Riz unleashes the full song without Drake’s consent and that’s that.  So did Riz pay for a Drake feature and Drake is trying to remove it from the net for some reason?  That’s Riz’ story, but we are yet to hear Drake’s side.  There is definitely something fishy going on.  This sounds like an unfinished Drake song with some rapper I haven’t heard of until now slapped on it and let’s be real, if somebody goes to listen to this they are listening to it solely for the Drake verse then turning it off.  Hey, that’s what I did.  Don’t feel alone.