Miley Cyrus‘ foam finger might not be the most questionable hand of the MTV VMAs.

After the show Jen Leadley, a concerned fan, decided to be a Twitter vigilante and tweeted Paula Patton a picture of Robin Thicke posing with a random fan. It looked innocent enough…until you read the actual tweet.

Apparently the concerned Twitter user resides in the UK, so says her profile.

In the photo, it appears that we can see Thicke and the young lady’s backs reflected in a mirror—and his hand looks..we’ll say, close to her butt. If that’s even his hand! If that’s even their backs! And if that is Thicke’s hand, you can’t really tell how close it is to her behind. Who knows!? I think this is a case of “magic eyes,” the more you look at it the more it looks incriminating.

According to the reports, Leadley has not responded to a request for comment on the picture. She also was bombarded by  a slew of questions from other concerned tweeters. Monday she responded with this:

Patton, who was with Thicke at both the awards and the afterparty at 10AK in New York City, hasn’t commented at all. In all honesty, she probably hasn’t even noticed.

Robin Thicke‘s new album Blurred Lines is available on iTunes now.