Watch “Down To Roll” By Rockie Fresh

MMG rapper Rockie Fresh releases the official video for “Down To Roll”. The record appears on his mixtape The Night I Went To, which is out now.

He explains the visual to Complex:

“This record is really me talking to a girl and explaining to her that my job doesn’t let me be in one place for too long because I’m either touring or recording. The true test to know if she’s really in it for me is if she’s down to roll with me; both in the literal sense of her traveling with me and me wanting her to experience all these new places with me, but also in the metaphorical sense of her being able to put up with my lifestyle.

“The video was shot over the course of two days a couple of weeks ago. I was in New York City having dinner in Chinatown, which was a neighborhood I never really been in before. I was just inspired by the vibes and hit my team like, ‘Yo, we’re shooting a video tomorrow.’ There wasn’t any real narrative. If anything it’s a sequel to the ‘Tell Me’ video. This video is just about pairing dope visuals with the vibes of the song.”