Ryan Leslie wasted absolutely no time and created a remix of Justin Timberlake‘s new Jay-Z featured single “Suit & Tie” just hours after its release. Damn, that was fast.


Welcome back JT
Heard you got a record with the homie Jay-Z
So for me to jump on it – I must be crazy
But girl, they’re both married baby, you can date me!
Yeah put your best dress on
Teach ‘em how to stunt we’ll give them a lesson
Bulletproof girl, she harder than teflon
Take her ten rounds – I call it decathlon (like a boxer baby)
Like a boxer baby
Be my Demi Moore I can be your prince
Harry Morton, take a break from recordin’
No serious dates we just courtin’
And my ex is like a cigarette
I’m tryna quit girl you could be my Nicorette
Let’s take it back to the Sheraton [Sheridan] Nicolette
Feel good
You’ll never see my ass caught in an ascot
Gettin’ green man, money is the mascot
I made to a “have” from a “have not”
Started rappin’ now these n****s gettin’ mad hot
And we off them wedge sneakers
Now my baby in Chanel gold creepers
Talkin’ top of the world – Burj Khalifa
Get wit me