In an MTV News clip, Schoolboy Q took to the streets of Times Square in New York City to try to sell copies of his album Oxymoron. A few people who know no better made the grave mistake of actually purchasing the trash, when they could have saved a few dollars and bought the couple good songs it does have from iTunes. But…maybe they should have skipped out altogether and bought a better West Coast rap album like My Krazy Life. That’s probably what I would’ve done.

Anyway…watch the clip below.

Oxymoron…it just isn’t that good.

Not going to lie, I’m waiting for Kendrick Lamar‘s album like this…

skeleton waiting

Even though Oxymoron was no good, I had hope for it. Haven’t listened to Ab-Soul‘s These Days yet in full but what I have heard has been good. Waiting for Jay Rock to announce his album as well. I still believe in TDE.