Things escalated quick tonight on Twitter when TDE rapper Schoolboy Q got wind of Twitter user OfficiallyIce giving his opinion of Schoolboy‘s music.

If you visit Twitter regularly, you’ve probably stumbled on a Tweet or two by Ice. He’s one of the biggest users on “Black Twitter” — hell, some say he’s the ringleader of it. He describes himself as regular man who works at FootAction, but his personality and presence on the platform say otherwise. Many value his opinions which he isn’t afraid to post on the social network, and when he critiqued Schoolboy Q tonight, it made the rapper feel some type of way.

Schoolboy Q responded to OfficiallyIce‘s tweet (which he wasn’t even @ messaged in I might add) and acted out in gangster rap fashion, offering a “fade”.

Check out the entire Twitter exchange below.

Nope, Schoolboy Q can’t take criticism well.

UPDATE: Joe Budden has responded, dissing Schoolboy Q in a SubTweet.

Original Title: Schoolboy Q Can’t Take Criticism: Threatens Twitter User OfficiallyIce For Voicing Opinion