Listen to “Bull Market” by Sir Michael Rocks

Sir Michael Rocks of The Cool Kids has returned with a new song titled “Bull Market.” The song made it’s debut via Shade 45 some nights ago and will appear on Sir Michael Rocks’ forthcoming project. It features production by Losers Only. Sir Michael Rocks raps about a luxury lifestyle and popular name brands like Rick Owens and Raf Simons on the song.

How is Sir Michael Rocks getting to the money these days? The Cool Kids rapper is big on Bitcoin and has been Tweeting about his obsession with the crypto currency. He’s not the only rapper who is keen on Bitcoin, as Ghostface Killa has been on team Bitcoin, “Wu-Tang is for the children and the children will use blockchain”. While many currently look at Bitcoin and believe that it’s failing, Sir Michael Rocks still believes in BTC and even insinuated that newcomers to it should sell him their coins. Listen to his latest song below and stay tuned for more from the Bitcoin investing emcee.