Listen To “Gangland” By Skippa Da Flippa

Skippa Da Flippa releases his first single since leaving Quality Control Music titled “Gangland”, produced by Ear Drumma’s Cheeze Beatz and 30 Roc.

He explains the record to XXL:

“It’s for the gang,” Skippa tells us about the record. “People be saying they gang, people be saying they Migo, but really when it comes to people like that, everyone wants to be something they’re not, so I decided to make a song called ‘Gang Land’ for the gang.”

Skippa, who is originally from Palm Beach, Fla. but moved to Northside Atlanta, planned to sign with South Florida label Lost Key Records when he left QC, but says it “didn’t really work out the way I thought it was,” clarifying he’s still signed to 300. “That’s always gonna be my family, but shit wasn’t really working out the way it was supposed to be,” he says of leaving Quality Control. “As far as business wise, shit just wasn’t right. Everything I’ve been doing, I’ve been doing on my own anyway, so I can continue to do it on my own and put my name on it, create my own little lane and brand myself. Everybody knows me for my logo and my term ‘havin’ so I decided to just move on with that.”