Skylar Grey will soon release a new single from her upcoming album titled “Bicycle.” The track is set to feature a verse from frequent collaborator Eminem and should be making rounds soon. The song is “mid-tempo with nasty bass synth in it,” according to Tampa Bay radio station 93.3‘s DJ Goofy WhiteKid who also says “Bicycle” is more playful than anything he’s ever heard from Skylar Grey.

We here at Rap Dose haven’t heard Skylar Grey‘s new single yet, but it sure sounds promising. It’s always exciting to hear new music from Eminem. Let’s hope this is good.

UPDATE: Photos from on the set of the video for Skylar Grey & Eminem‘s “Bicycle” track have been released. View the pictures here.

UPDATE 2: The song is officially titled “Cmon Let Me Ride” and will release with it’s video on December 11th. Skylar Grey‘s debut album Don’t Look Down will be executive produced by Eminem and released in Spring 2013.