Watch “Drill Time” By Slim Jesus

The Drill Music scene is about to be changed forever, thanks to a new artist who goes by the name Slim Jesus. His sound is familiar to most of the current savages that come out of Chicago, but the look and landscape is completely different. I just got wind of Slim Jesus from Twitter after stumbling on an image of him that instantly grabbed my attention and had me searching YouTube for the video it’s from. I clicked play and smiled like The Joker while doing so. The video for “Drill Time” much like the sound is what you’d come to expect from any drill rapper, but Slim Jesus does things a little differently. Slim Jesus actually gives viewers a warning that every drug and act of savagery they see is simply a prop. Well, he does so shortly after you see him waving around a firearm that rappers in the past may have served jail time for. But that’s not even the most shocking thing about the video. Watching a drill music video that’s completely expected, we even seen children under 10 doing it. But what’s unexpected is the rapper this time is a young white kid who looks like Eminem’s offspring.

Slim jesus video warning