But Don’t Worry He’s Making A Full Recovery

Slim Jimmy of Rae Sremmurd was performing at the New York City Governors Ball yesterday when a horrific accident happened that left him badly injured. During a performance of “Unlock The SwagSlim Jimmy was jumping around the stage and fell into a light. The glass from the light split Slim Jimmy‘s leg completely open and blood spilled all over the place. A big piece of glass was lodged in Slim Jimmy‘s leg and he had to be transported to a nearby hospital after the medical team at the show couldn’t fully treat him for his injuries.

Slim Jimmy Of Rae Sremmurd Falls Off Stage (Video)

Warning: The image below is graphic.

Thankfully “The Magic ManSlim Jimmy didn’t break any bones and according to himself, he is fine and making a full recovery. In fact he’s already standing up on “that f*cked up leg.”

Jimmy just underwent successful surgery to close his wound after slipping off the speaker at the Governors Ball and falling into a glass spotlight front stage. He didn’t break anything and will be fully recovered asap. Jimmy only had one comment to the fans “#SremmLife”