Snoop Dogg is currently across the map in Australia according to his Instagram where he has been posting screencaps of local weather (lucky bast**d) and this morning the legendary West Coast rapper’s trip took a hilarious twist when the fire department showed up at his hotel room.

Apparently Snoopzilla had been burning so much of the bomb in his room that it tripped an alarm resulting in firefighters showing up at his door to help him put out the massive blaze he had created. Initial reports say they had to battle a blaze of up to 3 blunts. Best false alarm ever?

“It was pretty funny,” Trevor Bowen, senior station officer, told The Guardian. “We had a brush with Mr Snoop himself. He asked us for a photo because he said he always wanted to be a firefighter.”

Probably not the best occupation for someone known for lighting things on fire. Either way Snoop Lion headed back to his IG to post a couple of hilarious photos with the captions  “Fire dept Shut it down !!” and “Blew it down !!”

If this keeps up people are going to be booking rooms next to Snoop’s just to catch a contact high.

snoop dogg australia fire fighters

Spotted: Noisey