Gunplay recently got knocked out again at Club Underground in Florida. It was unknown who knocked the MMG rapper out, or why it happened but now a struggle rapper out of Tampa representing “Money Bag Entertainment” is stepping up as the man who knocked out Gunplay. He’s telling his side of the story about what went down and why he knocked him out.

According to the struggle rapper, at a Money Bag Entertainment concert Gunplay was booked as a performer. Gunplay got disrespectful, said it was his show as if he was the headliner (hell, he probably was) and the struggle rapper knocked him out. Simple as that.

An unflattering photo of Gunplay knocked out surfaced Instagram shortly after the altercation.

Watch struggle rapper of Money Bag Entertainment and his gun toting friends talk about what happened to Gunplay below.

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gunplay knocked out

Gunplay was knocked out at a club in Tampa

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