It’s Not Jazz Influenced Like To Pimp A Butterfly

A producer who worked Kendrick Lamar‘s latest track “The Heart Part 4” talked about the sound of K Dot‘s new music. During a podcast interview with Eric The Young Gawd, Syk Sense talked briefly about Kendrick Lamar’s next album. He claims the album won’t have a Jazz influence to it like To Pimp A Butterfly did.

While the Atlanta/Los Angeles based producer doesn’t have a placement on the new project, he has friends who do and heard the sound.

I got homies who produced on there that produced some crazy sh*t, I’m talking big. It’s some of the hardest sh*t I’ve ever heard… I haven’t heard the songs he did with the beats, but I’ve heard some of the beats. We’ve got some pretty heavy new guys on here that’s really going to make for themselves off these beats. [HHNM]

Shortly after the interview went live on YouTube, it was taken down. It’s likely that this was due to too much about the album being revealed. Kendrick Lamar’s new album is being heavily guarded, and they don’t want the slightest secrets slipping out.

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