After unleashing a couple of remixes in the last few days, T-Pain serves up a new street single titled “F**k Em” featuring Waka Flocka, Rich Homie Quan, Young Cash. Produced by K.E. On The Track.

Read what T-Pain had to say about the track in an interview with XXL below.

On the title “F**k ‘Em”:

I just like the word “f**k.” It’s a nice sounding word that gets the point across. I have a gang of songs with “f**k” in the title. I don’t know why. I just really like that word. Rolls off the tongue [Laughs].

On the guest spots:

I’m willing to work with anybody that comes through. People come through the crib all the time. I show them records. Shit that they get real excited about, I just lay them on there. I don’t like the go to artists which songs that I think should fit them. I want them to be excited about the record. I showed them my whole 100 or something songs until I know that they really, really like a record and they like to be a part of it. I want them to be just as excited as I am about a project. Rich Homie and Waka—basically got excited about the same song so I said “why not?” And keep it pushing. I am not going to deny someone that they are really excited about. Even if I don’t want somebody on a song, I’ll let you put on a verse on it just to have it.

Young Cash has been a Nappy Boy representer since day one. He was actually the first person I signed to Nappy Boy Entertainment. I think it’s really time to focus on my artists and stuff like that. And really go in on making their career big. He just signed a deal with eOne. We are really trying to push him at this point and let it be known. Cash in the building.

On what to expect:

I am just talking shit. Just a daily dose of shit talking for anybody who needs that motivation in the gym or in the streets. There isn’t [any] specific context or anything. It’s just, you know, f**k ‘em. If you don’t like something? F**k ‘em. Fuck somebody? F**k ‘em. If you don’t like the kind of cereal you got? F**k ‘em.