Back in 2008 T-Pain and Lil Wayne teamed up to form the rap group T-Wayne. They released several collaborations and had announced plans for a full album until Weezy was thrown in jail and the project was scrapped. Now today while speaking with Rap-Up, T-Pain seems very optimistic that they will connect again to release the long-delayed album.

“I’m getting back on my music shit, so I’m pretty sure Wayne will be like, ‘I’m glad you’re back. Let’s make this happen. I think it’ll happen again. I think it will.

Everything was ahead of its time anyways. It probably wasn’t meant to happen back then. It probably is meant to happen now ’cause the songs were so now. The kind of music that people are dropping now, we was making that so long ago. I guess it was ahead of its time. It wasn’t supposed to happen.

I’m ready to do that again, so I’m pretty sure he’ll get back on track with it.”