Is this what we’ve come to? I was browsing some of my favorite Hip Hop websites recently and came upon an interesting post on HHDX. Apparently Target, a large powerhouse in the industry of supply and demand, has decided against placing Channel Orange, an album created by young artist Frank Ocean, on its shelves. Ocean is a hot topic as of late, mainly because he recently revealed in an emotional note to the world that his very first experience with love was with an individual of the same gender.

The retail giant claims that the reason for its decision is that the project in question was released as an iTunes exclusive, but I have to say that is complete bullsh*t. Informing the world of his past is a bold move and although the timing was a bit convenient, it feels like it’s far from a stunt. Ocean lives the lyrics that he has placed on those songs and for Target to deny the people of the right to purchase over an “exclusive rights” issue is ridiculous. Even Ocean‘s manager Christian Clancy tweeted at one point revealing the information but adding his own comment towards the end:

It’s a shame that Target would go as far as to deny an album, but allow others. At what point should the line be drawn? I’ll keep my opinion on Chris Brown‘s actions to myself, but I heard nothing about an issue regarding Fortune (Brown‘s latest album) being in stores. Lady Gaga has been a flagship artist, embracing the community of those who choose to love those of the same gender openly and hasn’t suffered the same consequences. So what justifies this decision? Who knows. I hate the media in circumstances like these but I detest corporations that abuse power more than anything.

On the brighter side of the situation, it seems like the people respect and appreciate Ocean‘s work (and those features on WTT didn’t hurt either) as Orange is still on track to sell 110 to 125k units says HDD. Glad to see that. Channel Orange review, coming Soon.