The once self-proclaimed best rapper alive has certainly fallen from the graces of many hip hop fans. With projects like I Am Not A Human Being I & II, his stint making rock music on Rebirth, and his questionable choice of artists to work with (Limp Bizkit, Kevin Rudolph, the Stafford Brothers, Bow Wow, Jay Sean, etc.) has led many to question whether Lil Wayne possesses any remains of when he truly was one of the best rappers of the time. Over the years, we have heard some absolutely absurd lyrics, and downright terrible verses. Whether he is telling his enemies he will “send them bloods at your ass like a tampon” or explaining how he is “twisted” like a door knob, it is fairly clear that Wayne has lost a step (or two) since his Da Drought days. One of my former favorite rappers, I was fed up with hearing the nonsense that spewed from his mouth and onto the radios so I decided to compile a list of some of the worst Lil Wayne verses that I could think of. Yes, his flow seems to always be on point. Yes, his voice lends well to rap music. Yes, the production he chooses to make music to is catchy, but his lyrics have been basic and honestly at times unbearable.

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Lil Wayne – Bill Gates

lil wayne bill gates

Bill Gates will forever be a legend. He was a revolutionary for creating several devices that single handedly changed the world we live in. Why Lil Wayne chose to name this record “Bill Gates” I am not sure. I don’t think he even mentions Gates in the jumble of nonsensical lyrics found throughout, except when he uses “Bill Gatin” as a verb. Though the Boi-1da production is fairly catchy, Wayne is all over the place in regards to his lyrics. From claiming to have a sign on his dick that read “bad bitches only,” to revealing how champagne makes his stomach hurt, to explaining how “yes I talk sh*t, got to defecate to conversate.” Just when you thought the “F” in “Weezy F Baby” stood for “Phenomenal” he pulls a 180 and lets us know it truly stands for “Fornicate.” I will end this one with the poetically written “It go dark-ass shades, I can’t see them haters, now eat these f**king bullets don’t forget to tip the waiter. Dress like a skater, ride on you like Shaun White I’m high all day, you can call that sh*t a long flight.”