There is no denying that Future is one of the hottest rappers in the game. Rap Radar‘s Elliott Wilson recently gave Future the nod for hottest MC in his #TheTruth series and he came in at no.9 on MTV‘s heavily debated 2012 list. He’s had enormous success with singles like Rihanna‘s “Loveee Song” and his own “Turn On The Lights” but people are still divided on whether or not to buy into the hype. Naysayers often use Future‘s use of auto-tune to discredit his blatant overload of talent, and few haters seem to be aware of anything other than his mainstream material. This leaves people confused asking questions like “Where did Future come from?”, “Why do people like this?”, or even worse “When does the English version come out?”.

Today I want discuss some of the strongest visual material from one of rap’s fastest rising stars. These aren’t my five favorite Future tracks but rather ones I believe best showcase his versatility as an artist. All five records are great for different reasons and include support from stunning imagery.

Check out The 5 Best Future Videos To Date after the break.

#5 “Magic”  featuring T.I.

future magic official video

Future and T.I. headed to Atlanta’s lauded strip club Magic City to shoot the visuals for his Pluto standout “Magic“. Directed by Decatur Dan.