I first started listening to Action Bronson in 2009 when I stumbled across the Queens rapper unexpectedly. While in college, I used to watch numerous cooking shows during breaks in my classes and somehow found Action’s YouTube cooking series, Action in the Kitchen. Since then, I’ve been an avid fan, so I wanted to go back to the beginning and bring you the best episodes of his TV series. While many still don’t know that Action is a chef (despite his many food references in songs) I still whole-heartedly believe that he should have his own full-fledged cooking show. Food Network, don’t sleep.

Action in the Kitchen: How to Cook a Spaghetti and Shrimp Dish

One of the earlier episodes of Action in the Kitchen, Bronsolino explains how to make a simple spaghetti and shrimp dish and guarantees that panties will drop if you do it right. Gulf of mexico shrimp and New York accent in toe, he gives us the run down. Alluding his food with sex and drugs, Bronson makes cooking interesting for his musical fan base while his cooking technique is super impressive. And whatever you do, don’t pass him a piece of lettuce.