Can you believe it’s been nearly a decade since Nelly and Paul Wall‘s infamous tribute to dental accessories otherwise known as Grillz? Many believe that this flashy trend started back in the 80s but that might not be the true origin. Today, grillz can be found on everyone from Lil Wayne to Miley Cyrus.

Back in the 80s, Run DMC and Public Enemy started barring the goldwear in their mouth and people had many speculations as to why? I’m going to say simply, because they could. Many still attribute Eddie Plein to be one of the first to do it and he went on to own the legendary “Eddie’s Gold Teeth” grill shop in New York City until he moved to Atlanta and bling-ed out even more rappers, such as OutKast, Ludacris and Lil Jon. Since then, numerous rappers have shown off their teeth in elaborate, as well as simple teeth jewelry. That being said, how did pop tarts like Miley and Katy Perry end up adopting the trend for themselves? Well, hip-hop always had some connection to the continuously growing subcultures of the youth who listen to it so perhaps, it was an attempt to show how relevant they are…or something. I mean why the hell else would Madonna be sporting them only a day after she turned 55?

Regardless of whether you love ’em or hate ’em, it appears grillz are here to stay in some form or fashion. Continue reading to experience the Evolution of Grillz.


Research shows that it was actually the Mayans who first showed off wealth by drilling holes in their teeth and inserting piece of rare jade.