This past weekend The Game had a run in with 40 Glocc. The run in turned violent and The Game captured what went down on his iPhone. In the footage above which The Game and his crew recorded and later released on their new website, we see 40 Glocc get a beat down and fall in some bushes as The Game records himself as he beats on 40 Glocc at the same damn time.

I’d usually show compassion for a grown man being embarrassed like this on tape, but then again that’s internet trouble maker 40 Glocc. The same genius who beat up a random older man for no apparent reason and uploaded it to YouTube in hopes to gain some street cred for his G-Unit Crips gang.

After the break check out an interview with 40 Glocc from after his altercation with The Game where he insists he was jumped at gunpoint (yeah, okay) and a picture The Game shared of his bloody Jordan 6 Olympic sneakers which haven’t even been released yet.

Can’t we all just get along? This isn’t a good look for neither of the two. God, gang violence is stupid. But hey, at least this guy got some justice.

40 Glocc Speaks On Altercation With The Game