Well no surprise here. The Game and Stat Quo recently announced their new label Rolex Records, but have quickly been forced to rename it due to issues with the luxury watch brand that just won a lengthy legal battle against the artists. It has now been announced that the new name of the label will be The Firm. Here is what The Game had to say about the situation:

“ATTENTION: All artist & producers !!!!!! So after a 6 long month legal battle with Rolex watches over the name “Rolex Records” we lost & had to fully change the name of the label & it’s logo away from the likeness of Rolex’s crown & stay away from any & everything resembling Rolex. Can’t use “Roley Boyz” or “Roley Records” either……. But today a new regime starts & I am officially the CEO of “The Firm” & we are looking for elite artists to be a part of a new movement. With that being said…. Upload your SOUNDCLOUD in my comments NOW !!! Me & @leauxsteez will be listening to your music all day today…. So FOLLOW @leauxsteez & upload your SOUNDCLOUD or Tag someone who will benefit from the start of my new label & have them upload the link to their music on mine & @leauxsteez page NOW. Thanks… & I’m looking forward to all the dope new music”

– The Game

Really though, did anyone expect this to go any other way?