The Game Shows Off His New Mike Tyson Tattoo

The Game got some new ink over the weekend, and this new piece might be his most ridiculous tattoo yet. The Game is apparently a huge fan of Mike Tyson, so what did he do? He went out and got a picture of Mike Tyson‘s face tattooed on his fist. When sharing a pic of the new tat on Instagram, he made fun of 40 Glocc saying that the tat is on the same fist he knocked 40 Glocc out with.

“Now when the judge ask me in court if I whooped 40 glock ass I can truthfully say no & blame it on @MikeTyson …. My right hand man lol…. S/O to @NikkoHurtado for another dope ass tattoo !!!!! #MikeTysonPunchOut #MUSINK” The Game wrote on his Instagram account

If you don’t know what The Game is talking about, here is footage of Game fighting 40 Glocc from a few years back.

The Game Vs. 40 Glocc (Fight Video)

The Game New Tattoos