The Game linked up with The Source for a track by track breakdown of his latest solo effort, The R.E.D. Album which hit stores today. Check out the breakdown after the jump.

Dr. Dre Intro – Me and Pharrell came up with the idea for Dr. Dre to narrate the album. Dre just told me to write it out, he killed it

The City Ft. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. Cool & Dre)
The City is the intro, you got to start the album off right. So I called Kendrick and he jumped on it and murdered it, actually murdered it too much. He did like fucking 30 bars, so I had to chop it and use like 8 bars or so and make it the hook. You know what he was saying fit the hook, at the end of the last hook I let him run off on some freestyle shit. You know he’s reppin Compton and that my little ni**a so I let him get his shit off.

Drug Test Ft. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg (Prod. DJ Khalil)
The only thing I got to say about that is West Coast. That’s my only comment about Drug Test, West Coast legends!

Martians Vs. Goblins Ft. Tyler, The Creator & Lil Wayne (Prod. Brody, Larrance Dopson, Mars)

My favorite track, a lot of people fucks with that track. Just for like 4 minutes I got to channel the ni**a Tyler’s style and just say whatever the fuck I wanted to say. I went in on some black Eminem shit, especially cause thats Tyler’s style and he goes off. The reason I got Weezy on the hook is he went from a “goon to a goblin” so I had to throw him on to mash things up.

R.E.D Nation Ft. Lil Wayne (Prod. Cool & Dre)
Cool and Dre produced it and sent it to me while I was in Europe, soon as I heard the beat I was like damn these niggas flipped Zombie Nation. I called Weezy and was like I’ma need a hook for this R.E.D. Nation shit, and of course that’s my swooop partner, we killed that shit. By the time I got back to the U.S.A he had the hook done all I had to do was write the verses.

Good Girls Go Bad Ft. Drake (Prod. Cool & Dre)
I was in the studio on the Fathers day before last, there was a Natalie Holloway story on CNN so that’s why I started it like that. Soon as I heard the track, I knew these are the type of drums Drake be getting off on. So I reached out to Baby and J. Prince, Drake came to the studio when he got to L.A. and like a real ni**a he bodied that shit.

Ricky (Prod. DJ Khalil)

DJ Khalil produced Ricky, and Khalil is about the closest you’re going to get to Dr. Dre. Period, as far as productions concerned. So I had an idea to make boys in the hood a song, so I wanted the beat to sound like it was a movie. So Khalil killed it and brought it to the studio when I was in there working with Timbaland, so I just freestyled that whole song from top to bottom. I knew what I wanted to say because I was speaking about myself.

The Good The Bad The Ugly (Prod. Hit-Boy)

The first track recorded for the album. It’s a song about a story I personally went through in Compton at me and my brother’s dope spot. It was like the end of 99′ early 2000, I went through this situation where there was sort of Crips outside my window. I had to get them off me and just spray out the window, you know no one got hit but ni**as never came around our spot after that. Until I got shot, it was probably those same motherfuckers and that”s life in the good hood.

Heavy Artillery Ft. Beanie Siegel & Rick Ross (Prod. Street Runner)

I just figured besides me and The Lox, Beanie Siegal and Rick Ross are two of the more “street rappers” who would probably never do a song together. So I just wanted to wanted to put them on the same song, and me and Ross had spoke about doing a group with me, him, Beanie, and Baby called ESPN (Everyday Stack Paper Niggas) Then Rick Ross took off with MMG so the idea was short lived, but I talked to Ross recently and we’re trying to put that together sometime in the future.

Paramedics Ft. Young Jeezy (Prod. Maestro)

Paramedics was like me living through Jeezy, I’m a big fan of Jeezy plus thats my ni**a. He kind of went on a hiatus just like I did. So since we both coming back around the same time I felt it was only right to get him on the R.E.D. Album on some shit that was in his lane. I kind of just act as a camillion and just blend in to the style of the ni**a I’m doing the song with.

Speakers On Blast Ft. Big Boi & E-40 (Prod. Mars )
Mars did the beat and as soon as I heard it I wanted to get Big Boi and E-40 on there, except I already had two verses on there so it was either one or the other. But at the end of the day no one is going to be mad if I had four verses on there, something I’ve never done in my career.

Hello Ft. Lloyd (Prod. Brody, Larrance Dopson, Mars)
I got to the end of the album and I started listening and realized I didn’t have any songs for the girls. So I took this specific track to Lloyd who was recording in Hollywood and he bodied that shit.

All The Way Gone Ft. Mario & Wale (Prod. Don Cannon, Mars)
So I still needed one more, I didn’t feel like that was enough for the chicks so the next day I did “All The Way Gone” featuring Mario and Wale. I call this track motion picture shit cause I did it fast and it was for the women. It rounded the album out, now I had two songs specifically for the chicks. The last track recorded for the album

Pot of Gold Ft. Chris Brown (Prod. The Futuristics)
Pot of Gold is doing damage, its always the tracks that I don’t nessacarily like that much that end up showing shit. Pot of Gold is definitely a Jewel. I knew Chris was capable of making shit happen.

All I know Ft. Lu Breeze (Prod. Boi-1da)
Produced by Boi-1da, its the only track on the album where I rap without sticking to a concept. I just wanted to make sure the end of my verses went into the hook. Lu Breeze is a R&B young gun and he did the hook I was going to get Chris (Brown) or Trey (Songz) to do that shit but I liked what Lu did so I decided to keep him on there.

Born In The Trap (Prod. DJ Premier)
You already know thats Premo right there, so I had to do my best Nas impersonation on that track because of the way illmatic was recorded and how legendary that was. Theres only one way to attack a Premo track and thats to do it like Nas did.

Momma Knows Ft. Nelly Furtado (Prod. The Neptunes)
That track is about my momma produced by the Neptunes, Pharrell made that beat on the spot for me. He asked who I wanted on the hook, and I had just happened to hear “Fly Like A Bird” by Nelly Furtado. I told him Nelly Furtado and he said okay, give me one second called her and we got it done that same night.

California Dream (Prod. Mars)
That song is about my baby man, everyday of her life I’ve watched closely man. The way she moves the way she cries, everything thats my baby. The other night I played the song for her and she was bopping her head. It’s funny she’s almost 12 months, and it was almost like she knew the lyrics and that she was feeling them. It could just be me thinking like a dad.

Deluxe edition tracks

The deluxe edition tracks came from the label, so they wanted to do that and I told them it was cool.