The Lonely Island is preparing to release their third studio album titled The Wack Album. The project was teased Saturday on SNL during a 15 second TV spot showcasing Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer (better known as Grammy Nominated group The Lonely Island) touching hands as if they were making a pact.

The Wack Album is the followup to Turtleneck & Chain, the 2011 album which brought us the singles I Just Had Sex” featuring Akon, The Creep” featuring Nicki Minaj and even a title track featuring Snoop Dogg. The album had production from many known Hip Hop producers, including No I.D. and T-Minus.

In an interview with Paper, The Lonely Island touched on the new album just a bit, revealing that there is a track on the album called “Spell It Out” and another track inspired by G-Funk. Other details about the project are under wraps, but in the interview the three reveal their favorite Hip Hop albums, talk about their deal with SNL and still owning their own material, not knowing what “trap” is and much more.

To their credit, Samberg, Taccone and Schaffer are massive hip-hop heads. “I think it’s a Bay Area thing,” Samberg offers. “I mean, we love rock,” Taccone says, “but we have an encyclopedic knowledge of hip-hop.” And as Schaffer points out, “we can’t sing.” Asked to name their all-time favorite albums, they immediately answer: De La Soul is Dead (Taccone), Bizzarre Ride II the Pharcyde (Samberg) and Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers (Schaffer). Right now, they’re all listening to Kendrick Lamar, but admit to not keeping up with every last club trend. “I still don’t get what ‘trap’ is,” Samberg sighs.

The Wack Album is due out June 11th. Watch the trio’s teaser below.