Paula Deen recently sat down on The Today Show and let some tears loose while saying the youth need to stop calling themselves the n-word, claiming she’s not racist, and trying to make people forget her racist ways. Let’s face it, we all know Paula Deen is full of shit and just trying to save her ass. Now on The O’Reilly Factor for no reason whatsoever, they decided to use Drake‘s popular single “Started From The Bottom” as an example of the youth being brainwashed to call each other the n-word. Paula Deen used the n-word because she thought it was okay because the youth call themselves the n-word? Yeah, okay. And now it’s all Drake‘s fault because he says the n-word on his hit song? Man, Fox News gotta chill. I bet Paula Deen been dropping n-bombs her whole damn life. Creepy ass cracker.

Drake’s Started From The Bottom on The O’Reilly Factor