Sorry 4 The Struggle Bars

Lil Wayne released his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape last night and it features him rapping on 17 new tracks, 16 of which are over other peoples beats. The highlight of the mixtape is Lil Wayne‘s bars, which are flat-out hilarious and filled with struggle. Weezy released the project as an apology to his fans for the constant push-backs of his Tha Carter V album. Sorry 4 The Wait 2 is a horrible mixtape and an even worse apology. It’s just not good. At all. But if it was a comedy album, it would probably be considered a classic. I believe Lil Wayne may have even went for that sound specifically. There is no way Lil Wayne said some of this shit in the studio thinking that his fans would accept it and believe it’s hard. The rhymes are that outlandish. A majority of Lil Wayne‘s raps on Sorry 4 The Wait 2 are insults to my intelligence, yet they make me laugh so hard that I appreciate them to some extent. I intended to review Sorry 4 The Wait 2, but instead I’d rather just share my favorite struggle bars from it…