Before Young Jeezy became Young Jeezy, he went by the name of Lil’ J, had hair and did his best Trick Daddy impression. Check out a snippet of the unreleased video to “GA” which was recently released by Presidential Television and Film, who had this to say about the video…

I’ve had the distinct honor to work with a number of artists in the beginning stages of their careers. Before they became household names and international superstars, they’ve been in front of my lens.

This VIDEO VAULT selection is from Lil’ J, now known to all as Young Jeezy. My partner Forbes and I directed under the moniker President Thomas Forbes and this was one of our first joints actually shot on film. Jeezy has always had that drive, foresight, and charisma that makes him such a magnetic individual who I knew would be extremely successful. Not to mention, he’s just a real dude with a good heart. Unfortunately, that’s kind of rare in this most businesses.

Shot in Dublin, GA., a small town about 2 hours southeast of Atlanta, it was like stepping into a new world. It’s 2003 and the locals weren’t even up on the Motorolla 2-ways back then and were looking at us like we were from the future or something. Likewise, it astounded us on the reaction people had towards Jeezy there. He was a bona-fied superstar there already. This shoot was actually just a commercial spot for his Come Shop With Me project, but I ended up cutting up the first verse to use as a promo video as well. All of this is pre-DefJam and his style was definitely infused with the “crunk-ness” that dominated Georgia at the time thanks to Lil’ Jon who produced some tracks for the project.

As Young Jeezy preps the release of his new project, hopefully this gives a behind the scenes look at how far he has come as an artist and inspires the next artist to be persistent with their dreams and goals.

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