With all the buzz surrounding the reunion of Atlanta rap duo Outkast —made up of long-time collaborators Big Boi and Andre 3000— who kicked off a 40-show festival circuit at Coachella last Friday, the time is ripe to revisit what captivated us about the group in the first place. It’s been almost a decade since they last performed together, capping off a 20-year career for the two artists, who’ve become famous for their innovative, bold style, both in their music and videos.

Their Coachella performance sparked widespread discussion on Twitter and other sites, with social media trackers like Viral Heat and Topsy revealing a sizeable uproar over the duo’s performance being cut short (allegedly).

Expectations were high for a group that has consistently raised the bar for what is possible in hip-hop -they’ve come a long way, let’s trace some of the history.

Continue on for our five iconic Outkast music videos selections:

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