Tory Lanez Takes An Obvious Shot At Drake On Social Media

You probably saw this coming a mile away, but it happened. Tory Lanez took a shot at Drake on his Twitter account by tweeting that it’s not cool to call Toronto “The 6“.

Twitter was quick to react to Tory‘s Tweet with screenshots of him using “The 6” to describe Toronto throughout the years.

Tory Lanez obviously has some type of issue with fellow Toronto rapper Drake, as this isn’t the first time he took a jab at him. Earlier this year during a freestyle on Sway In The Morning, Tory Lanez dissed Drake by rhyming about the time he rapped off a Blackberry at Hot 97. “I know these n*ggas about to act scary. T.O. n*gga, only spitting without the Blackberry,” Tory rapped.

Is a new rap beef about to pop off between Tory Lanez and Drake? Will we hear some diss records or will Drizzy just ignore that this is happening? Stay tuned for more as this develops.