Nicki Minaj had an amazing 2010. She was dubbed ‘the feature queen’ and released her debut album Pink Friday. Her own music has been all over the radio since the albums release such as “Moment 4 Life” and “Did it On’em”. While the album as a whole is great, the one single that sent shockwaves through the industry more than any other single was “Roman’s Revenge”. Minaj was on MTV’s RapFix Live just a few days before the release of the song, where she revealed Eminem would be featured on the track. Once fans caught wind of this news, Camp Minaj knew there was no holding this one back. People were begging for this one, so Nicki delivered just a few days later. The original track was fire with Nicki and Em going at it bar after bar. No joke, the play count of the song on my iTunes was about 16 plays on day one. Now two months later the “Romans Revenge” remix has been released with a verse from her Young Money/Cash Money family member Lil Wayne. Is the new remix a better version than the original?

“I got the pumps, it ain’t got medicine/I got bars, sentencen’/I’m a bad bitch, I’m a c-nt/and I’ll kick that hoe, punt/forced trauma, blunt/you play the back, bitch I’m in the front/you need a job, this ain’t cuttin’ it…”

Nicki’s lyrics are still great, remix or not. Two months later they don’t feel played out and are still fun to rap out loud. While the original material from Minaj is all here, it would have been a cool surprise if she had threw a new verse into the mix. It’s all about surprises when it comes to a remix of a popular song. A remix is supposed to breathe new life into a song and Nicki does none of that on this track. The only change she makes lyrically is when she is yelling at her alter-ego during the ending to the song, saying, “You and this boy Lil Weezy!” instead of, “You and this boy Slim Shady!” That one little change ain’t cutting it.

“Hi, I’m Tune/salt in the wound/I’m up in this bitch/pardon the goons/throw dirt on the floor and get caught in the broom/I like a big wet pussy with a fork and a spoon/I got money and the power/a woman in the shower/and she don’t want nothing but my Johnson, Howard…”

Weezy delivers an energetic verse and it does not disappoint. His lyrics are creative and it’s easy to envision Wayne jumping all over the stage in a hyped manner while reciting this verse. With that said, Wayne could have brought so much more to this remix. He could have rapped the chorus along with Minaj, he could have rapped in the background of her verses and he could have even added something creative to the ending. Most importantly, he could and should have added another verse where another verse was due. At the end of Minaj’s second verse on the original, Eminem comes in with his second verse on the track, which is then followed by the ending dialogue with Nicki’s alter-ego. In the remix, the ending of the song now follows Nicki’s second verse. This is a huge disappointment; there could have been another great verse from Lil Wayne here, but there is not. The least they could have done was keep Eminem’s verse intact for more substance.

The world is waiting for a great post-jail collaboration from Lil Wayne with Nicki on the track; this is not it. I expect that to come from Wayne’s next album, Tha Carter IV. There are a ton of unofficial “Roman’s Revenge” remixes on the web that are much better substitutes for this, such as Busta Rhymes’ and Joell Ortiz’s take on the track, which keep Eminem’s verses where they belong. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken!