The R.E.D. Album: It is coming. After years of delay, it seems that Game has finally decided to throw all his cards in. Towards the end of January, the two-disc mixtape Purp & Patron was made available for download. Three days later, the download count was confirmed to be well over one million. It was unexpected, even from Game himself, who clearly wasn’t expecting numbers like that, judging by his reactions on Twitter and during numerous interviews. A few days later he dropped a sequel to his hit mixtape that featured even more of what he had locked away in the vault. So basically, The Game released three whole mixtapes within the span of a week. He was back on the map in a big way, but wasn’t in the clear yet. People were still not convinced that The R.E.D. Album was on its way out for a 2011 release. Then, Game quelled these concerns with “Red Nation,” the first official single from his upcoming album. Is the amount of time we have all been waiting for The R.E.D. Album to be released looking to be worth it?

“Throw your muthaf-ucking Cincinnati hats in the sky/n-gga don’t ask why … Before I turn on him, I kill Satan/and stick my red flag in the ground, it’s red nation…”

Judging by this first single, yes. Game wants his fans and critics alike to know that The R.E.D. Album is indeed coming. He’s back in it to make a comeback with his music, and he’s on the right track. Purp & Patron may have featured a ton of lack luster content among the three discs, but “Red Nation” proves that Game is saving his best work for the actual album. His lyrics and flow are good on this track which proves Game still has the necessary skill to make entertaining music.

“Now blood the f-uck up/everyday’s a gamble muthaf-ucker tough luck/and we gon’ fuck the world till that bitch bust nuts/I can’t tell you what’s good but I can tell ya whats what/and that’s, B’s up, hoes down/lookin’ in the mirror I’m nowhere to be found/blood I’m a dog call me a blood hound/throwin’ blood in the air, leave blood on the ground…”

The beat contains a fantastic sample; a slowed down version of Zombie Nation’s “Kernkraft 400,” along with solid production throughout the entire track. Then there is the epic hook from Lil Wayne whose word play is masterful. There is also something about the tone of Wayne’s voice on the hook that makes it special. At times the beat feels like it’s dragging at somewhat of a slow pace, but this could be because of the speed the sample is normally played at. However, that’s just a small gripe. The rest is pure gold.

“Russia got a red flag, U.S. got red stripes/last train to Paris, round the world in these red Nikes … Roll up the weed son, so many bloods in Compton had to get a NYC song/and while I’m out here, I might as well go shopping/and put this new bad b-tch I got in some red bottoms/and all these hatin’ ass n-ggas want me dead/cause I’m Malcolm X before he turned Muslim, RED…”

About two years ago, Game stated in an interview with MTV that The R.E.D. Album is not about various drug and gang activity. Instead, he said it was his way of showing that he is rededicated to rap and hip-hop, something he lost passion for when he announced his now retired retirement from music. However, one listen to “Red Nation” will have fans thinking Game’s upcoming album actually does have some connotations with gang activity and the image of blood. The meaning of red in Game’s lyrics clearly refers to blood, so who knows what kind of message he is trying to send with this first single and with the forth-coming album. Either way, the song is well produced, entertaining and paints a nice picture of what’s to come from the release of The R.E.D. Album later this year.