“Pop a molly, I’m sweatin’, Woo!”

A few short words on his track “All Gold Everything” has made rapper Trinidad James a household name on the internet, thanks to his reference to the hipster’s current favorite rap-friendly drug, molly. The basic line has spawned a series of internet memes and thousands of Twitter statuses over the last few days, enough in fact to turn his name into a worldwide trending topic on the social media platform.

Trinidad James who is trending as this post is being created released his new mixtape Don’t Be SAFE. months back but is currently gaining a lot of attention. I personally just discovered the guy a week or so ago while watching MTV Jams, and didn’t think too much about him nor did I know he had a buzzing mixtape out. Apparently there’s something about him though you guys are feeling, seeing as I’ve received a few submissions requesting I throw this tape up by fans.

Are you guys a fan of molly, or a fan of Trinidad James? Six short words referencing the current drug that is in just isn’t enough for me to become a fan. But now he certainly has got my attention. I will be giving this project a listen and you should too. This isn’t Trinidad James‘ first post on Rap Dose and it sure won’t be his last.

Trinidad James Don’t Be S.A.F.E. is available for your listening pleasure after the break.

Download: Trinidad James – Don’t Be S.A.F.E. (Mixtape)

Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (Official Video)