Trinidad James has done it again. After delivering what is conceivably the worst freestyle of all time on Tim Westwood‘s show, we thought this guy couldn’t damage his career any further. We were wrong.

Last night during his performance at the Converse Rubber Tracks event in NYC, T. James stunned the crowd claiming that New York’s Rap scene has fallen off and that Southern artists are running the game.

He later took to Instagram to respond to some of the reaction from fans over his controversial statements.

“When you say real shit people call it a melt down. That’s fine. The truth will set you free……#CrazyDeacon

I said a lot tonight in NY and people are prolly gonna take the negative and run with it but my main purpose in life only is to take care of my mama and keep my shoe game on “30 million” . Other than that if I can inspire a young person to be the best person they wanna be along the way….then cool. Nothing else matters. #CrazyDeacon #BlackBatman”

See the video footage below.

UPDATE: Maino has threatened Trinidad James via Twitter saying he has rotten teeth and that he’s going to “Clean him.” See the Tweets below.




After Maino‘s tweets, Trinidad James responded.



Trinidad James also posted the following on his Instagram page today:

“Maino wanna shoot me for saying the truth then shoot on. I ain’t backtracking shit. Ny consumers are a disgrace to their own culture. I don’t ever have to make it on the radio ever. Fuck the radio. I’ll die a real nigga. I speak the truth….and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE….#CrazyDeacon#BlackBatman…coming soon. You gonna wanna hear this. Ima die with a Trini Flag in the Air… “WHEN I DIE BURY ME IN A CARNIVAL”!!!

UPDATE #2: Action Bronson is the latest NYC artist to respond to what T.James said about his city.

Someone should tell Action Bronson that he was one the artists Trinidad James named as those who “keep it real in NY and get no support.”

UPDATE #3: Added Trinidad James‘ interview with Streetz 94.5 where he talks about his comments about New York, Maino’s response, the recent backlash, his new music and more.

UPDATE #4: Trinidad James elaborates on his comments in this new PSA. He says his intent was never to disrespect New York, but for NY radio to push their underground artists more. Watch it below.