Oh, the difference a year makes. Last Summer, Trinidad James was the talk of the music world with his smash single “All Gold Everything. After the lack of an equally successful single, James has been floundering benefitting off of his reported $2 Million deal. Well, we’re talking about James today, but for a way different reason. While appearing on British DJ Tim Westwood‘s Crib Sessions segment, it’s being widely reported that Trinidad James recorded the worst freestyle in recent history. Going off the top over Drake‘s “Pound Cake instrumental, the four-minute clip shows James wandering aimlessly and mumbling the most struggle-filled bars I’ve heard in quite a while. Feeling that his metaphors were missing like Cuba Gooding in that scene in Boyz ‘N Tha Hood, James attempted to shout out the legends displayed on vinyl records littered around Westwood’s set. Praises to The Notorious B.I.G. did not go over well, and a few placed bombs from Westwood couldn’t stop Trinidad James from sending his image in a one-way flight straight to the Jig. I’ll say this, I’ve NEVER heard Tim Westwood this quiet during an artist’s freestyle. Maybe he had a bad day, but I think this very well be the introduction of “Jigg-idad James.”

Watch the freestyle below.

trinidad james meme