Troy Ave Talks Publicly About The Irving Plaza Shooting For The First Time

Troy Ave recently sat down for an interview with Fox 5 News. The New York rapper opened up about the Irving Plaza shooting for the first time publicly. “My freedom is on the line. I could go to jail for 20 years,” he said while eating chicken wings in a restaurant. “I was portrayed as a menace to society, I can’t even do certain shows,” Troy Ave reveals. He claims he’s been doing less shows since the shooting and police have called promoters preventing him from being booked.

The Brooklyn rapper said the the May 2016 shooting that left his friend and bodyguard Ronald McPhatter dead still haunts him. He also has various gun shot wounds in the leg and head, due to a followup shooting on Christmas night. Many believe the shooting to be related.

“I wear a bulletproof vest,” said Collins, who wore the same protection to a recent court hearing. “You see, I had to take off the vest before we sat down in here. I’ve been through so much. I’m not letting nobody kill me. Nobody’s taking my life.”

“I just deal with it how I deal with it,” Collins told the station in an interview that aired Sunday night. “I look at it as, man, if I made it out of the hood and I can make it through a little bit of pain and I’m going to go through it.” [NY Daily News]

Troy Ave is out on $500,000 bond and podcast host Taxstone (Daryl Campbell) is currently behind bars after his DNA was found on a gun used in the fatal Irving Plaza shooting.