Big Sean met the love of his life Naya Rivera on Twitter. After a short time together and a few collaborations later, the two have already got engaged. Naya got a huge diamond ring to prove it.

The man in the relationship is known for wearing more leather than The Leather Man himself, getting washed by Kendrick Lamar on his own song, and catchphrases like “oh god,” “boi,” and “lil bitch.” While the woman is known for acting as Santana Lopez on the hit television show Glee. Both have one thing in common, music. Big Sean is an aspiring rapper whose recent album sold 72,000 copies, Naya however (as a Glee cast member) already went platinum on multiple occasions and she might do the same thing now as a solo artist. It’s no secret Naya Rivera is probably bringing home more money. She’s probably also the man in this relationship.

My favorite place on earth, Twitter, did what it does best and reacted to the news. In the best and worst way. Here are the best reactions (so far).