Eyewitness says Banks encouraged violence

At a recent Lloyd Banks concert in Buffalo, NY two men were stabbed in the crowd when a fight broke out. The first victim Anthony Marshall is in stable condition, but the second Clayton Webster is fighting for his life and his family wants answers.

The venue had thirty six security guards in attendance, and after the first stabbing happened the show continued on.  The second stabbing victim, Clayton Webster suffered three knife wounds that left him in critical condition.

Jarmar Norton (Clayton’s cousin), said he was punched in the head before his cousin was stabbed.  Jamar claims Lloyd Banks was encouraging the violence, saying Lloyd Banks was:

Cursing, making fun of our town, just getting everybody riled up to the point where it’s chaos.

Lloyd Banks hasn’t spoken on this incident yet, but a rapper performs and an attendee decides to stab someone, so that’s Lloyd Banks’ fault?

C’mon son.

Source: WIVB