Tyga is the newest addition to the GOOD Music family

Moments ago at the GOOD Music pop up concert in New York City, Kanye West presented Tyga as the newest member of his Getting Out Our Dreams label where Pusha T serves as Vice President.


After revealing his GOOD Music affiliation, Tyga performed a new song with Desiigner, where he raps about spending money on Gucci. “I just spent 10 bands at Gucci,” he raps as Desiigner shouts his signature ad-libs.

Other members of GOOD Music performed at the show, including Kanye West himself who joined Desiigner in performing “Timmy Turner” live for the very first time.

Kanye West is currently married to Kim Kardashian and Tyga is in a relationship with her younger sister, Kylie Jenner.

Update: Pusha T also announced Migos have signed to GOOD Music Management.


Stay tuned for more from Tyga and GOOD Music. It’s about to be a Cruel Winter.